Home is where the HEART is! By Manda Blum

Well if you read yesterday’s Bee then the cat is outta the bag.
On NYE while the rest of you were probably dancing and celebrating the death of 2016 I was deciding to start a neighborhood group.
I reached out to my neighbors Beth Warner and Bob Schlesinger to see if they wanted to join me. Both Beth and Bob have expressed their passion about preserving the character and history of Eastmoreland and I knew we would make a great team.
I told them my idea of starting a Pro Historic District neighborhood group. A grass roots group of regular Eastmoreland neighbors that want to get accurate information out to our neighbors in a positive way. A group of collaboration and discussion.
I spoke to them about why I was Pro Historic District. I spoke to them about the frustration I felt at how divisive this issue has been to our neighborhood and our community. How no one should feel bullied or attacked for expressing their opinion on what they think is best for their neighborhood. How I felt it was important to bring back civility and respect in our interactions with others, whether online or in person.
Maybe it was because it was the fresh start to a New Year, maybe I was tipsy from the champagne or maybe I’m just losing my mind in my old age. Whatever the reason I felt an overwhelming urge to take action. I believe that it is a good idea to take action by working with, supporting and helping other neighbors. Because when all is said and done there are two things I know to be true. No matter whether you are for or against a Historic Designation for our neighborhood, we all LOVE Eastmoreland and we will continue to be neighbors in the end.
So just a little over 3 weeks ago Bob, Beth, Derek and I started a group called Historic Eastmoreland Achieving Results Together (HEART). Our hope is to be a resource and support to those neighbors that are either Pro HD or undecided. The opposition has their group of advocates and they are doing a great job rallying their troops. And now we can fill that role for the rest of you. Let’s figure out the Facts Without The Dramatics! Let’s be positive and help each other find the accurate information that we need.
Of course if you are are against the Historic Designation for Eastmoreland, I still care about and respect you. You are entitled to have and take action for your own opinion and ideas of what is “right” for our neighborhood. We are all trying to do the “right” thing here.
If you are interested in joining us in this effort, then I hope you will “like” and “follow” HEART’s Facebook PAGE and join our Facebook GROUP for further collaboration and discussions.
If you are attending the Historic District Workshop meeting tonight in a little over an hour at Duniway then I hope you will stop by and say “Hi” – it would be lovely to see some friendly faces.
Remember, Home is where the HEART is! ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks! Manda b.