It’s not too late to change your mind

If you have already filed an objection but have thought better of it, it’s not too late to change that. OR, maybe you’re a “new” owner (bought your home after November 17, 2016) and want to register your support, you can do that as well. The state pulled the list of owners from county records from November 2016 so anyone who became an owner more recently that supports the historic district is NOT currently being counted.

Either way, you will need to file a notarized form and submit that to the National Park Service and send a copy to the state. It’s easy…

  1. Fill out the proper form:
    • If you had previously objected, use this form
    • If you purchased your Eastmoreland home after November 17, 2016 and want to register your support, use this form
  2. Send an email to or call 503-928-8509 to arrange a notary.
  3. We’ll come to you and then submit it to the NPS and the state on your behalf

Questions about rescinding your objection or registering your support?  Just email us at: