Finally! SHPO recommends listing Eastmoreland on the National Registry.

Just over two years after the Eastmoreland HD nomination was first submitted to the National Park Service, the Oregon SHPO once again submitted the nomination…this time with a recommendation to list the proposed historic district on the National Registry. SHPO finally determined what has been obvious to many of us for over 2 years: the majority of the Eastmoreland neighborhood supports the HD.

In a press release, SHPO noted that “Following a third review of the nomination, SHPO staff determined fewer than 50% of owners have filed an objection to the nomination.” The entire press release can be found here.

It should be noted Eastmoreland is not yet a historic district. It is now in the hands of the National Park Service who must approve it first. Given that a few extremist objectors took the extraordinary measure of creating thousands of the trusts to prevent the Eastmoreland HD from being listed the last time, it remains to be seen if other such dishonest and underhanded tactics will be attempted again.

Stay tuned for more updates.