Mission: To work with neighbors to preserve and protect the historic character of Eastmoreland today and for future generations.

Purpose: Established in 1909, Eastmoreland is one of Portland’s oldest residential neighborhoods. It is filled with historic homes and beautiful tree-lined streets. The neighborhood is family oriented with two elementary schools, parks, and single-family residences.

We are an independent group of neighbors that want to take part in shaping the future of our neighborhood. We have no affiliation and are not sanctioned by the ENA Board. We want to foster unity and are deeply committed to informing and representing our neighbors that support the proposed Historic District fairly and accurately. We believe that maintaining a single-family neighborhood is important and essential to the quality of life for residents of Eastmoreland today and in the future.

For over five years, neighborhood activists have attempted to work with City of Portland staff to propose local zoning and building guidelines that would protect our neighborhood from demolition and lot splitting, only to be denied. The only tool that is left to neighbors for the legal protection of the features that historically define our neighborhood is a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.