Irvington’s Historic District

In the discussion around Eastmoreland’s historic district nomination, we’ve heard many references to the Irvington neighborhood.  Irvington received their own historic district designation in 2010 and so provides some good perspective and sense of what to expect in Eastmoreland, should Eastmoreland also become a historic district.

Attached is a letter provided by Steven Cole, President of the Irvington Community Association (ICA) along with a response from the ICA to a number of assertions that have been made.  It begins…

To: Our Friends in the Eastmoreland Neighborhood February 18, 2017

From: The Irvington Community Association Board of Directors and Land Use Committee

In the intense debate over designating Eastmoreland as a National Register Historic District, the partisans have made assertions about the experience in the Irvington Neighborhood since our designation as a National Register Historic District in October, 2010. Those assertions have been a mix of accurate statements, correct but misleading statements, and outright inaccuracies. We recognize that the Eastmoreland debate is not our debate, but we are concerned when our community policies and practices and their results are misrepresented in public ways. Since 1966, the Irvington Community Association, its board of directors and functional committees, have worked tirelessly for the benefit of our great neighborhood, and we carry on that tradition today. Accordingly, we have drawn up this review of assertions made about our neighborhood, ranking their truthfulness and correcting the record where that is required:

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