What is the Process for Getting an HD Designation?

The HD Process takes months to complete and involves preparation of a complex application with reviews at the city, state, and federal level. The application requires a sponsoring group of citizens or an organization.

The ENA, the sponsor of our neighborhood application, hired a consultant, AECOM, to prepare the application and submit it.

The application requires surveying of existing housing and research into the history of the neighborhood. This was performed during the summer of 2016 by volunteers from our neighborhood under AECOM supervision.

Approval of neighborhood residents is not required to submit the application, but the application can be rejected if 50% +1 of homeowners inside the proposed district boundaries object. Homeowners have until July 1, 2017 to submit an objection. The application can also be withdrawn by the ENA at any time until it is submitted in May to the National Park Service.

Although it is not required, the ENA committed to performing an opinion poll to determine the neighborhood’s support for the historic district. Now that the application is complete, the details are known, and the state historical preservation office has certified it as valid, distribution of the poll ballots by mail has begun. Upon receipt, please return yours promptly.

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