Make Your Voice Heard — ENA Board Elections are May 18, 2017

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HEART has identified a group of 9 terrific candidates to join the ENA Board of Directors. Your vote for these candidates will add diversity to our board along with many new perspectives and the willingness to work with all Eastmoreland neighbors.

With the ongoing Eastmoreland historic district nomination underway, the results of our upcoming ENA Board election are of particular importance to HEART and the neighborhood as a whole. Even after the outcome of the historic district is decided, these folks are committed to bringing the neighborhood together.

I would also like to sincerely thank all outgoing ENA Board members for the time and effort they have devoted to Eastmoreland.

Derek Blum, HEART co-founder

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George Beard – I moved to Oregon in 1977 and have lived in Eastmoreland for the past 20 years. My wife, Marcia, and I have two adult children who both attended Duniway and Sellwood. I’ve had a varied career in both public service and the technology sector. Although I retired from PSU’s Hatfield School of Government in 2014, I still work there part-time under contract. I have a deep affection for, and commitment to, home and neighborhood.
My motivation to serve on the ENA Board includes a number of factors. I believe I can help heal the rift between historic district advocates and opponents by ensuring and honoring opportunities for input and competing opinions. I am committed to protecting and defending the vitality of our neighborhood as it faces continued pressure from population growth and the prospect of diminishing public service.

Lila Brightbill – I didn’t grow up in Eastmoreland, however, it was always a dream if mine to live here in an English cottage. At the age of 56, I finally achieved that goal when my husband and I sold two homes to get here. We finished raising our son here before he left home to live independently. We have lived here 11 years, spending 10 of those restoring our home to its 1937 appearance. I am a retired 34-year middle school and high school Language Arts teacher. I also served on the Board of Directors for RiverHouse Condominiums, two years as Chairman, during a complete residing project of 19 condominiums.

David Dowell – We moved to Eastmoreland in May 1980 with son Colin who was then two. Our home was the first and only house we looked at in Portland. For us, Eastmoreland was love at first sight! Son John and daughter Elizabeth arrived in 1981 and 1985. Our family has grown up here, living in our current home since 1985. Daughter Elizabeth continues to live in Portland though Colin and John have moved. We love our neighborhood community!
I retired in early 2012 as CFO of my company’s operations in Germany. I now volunteer doing maintenance gardening at the Portland Japanese Garden and Crystal Springs and website maintenance for AllClassical Portland. I have been active in support of the historic district. Our many years in Eastmoreland have given us a sense of community and place that is increasingly rare. We are strongly interested to continue that sense of community and place!

Joe Dudman – I am a lifelong (52-year), second-generation resident of Eastmoreland. I live in the 1928 Eastmoreland house that my parents bought in 1960. My father was a math professor and Dean of Students at Reed College, and my mother was a high school math teacher. They both loved Eastmoreland and took daily walks throughout the neighborhood. I grew up in Eastmoreland and attended Cleveland High School. Though I went to college in Minnesota, I always planned to return to Eastmoreland after graduation. I am a writer for the Run Oregon Blog, and a volunteer with my running club, Team Red Lizard. I am recently married, and my wife Charissa will soon be the newest Eastmoreland resident. I care deeply about our neighborhood, and value the livability, history, and friendliness of this special place. Join me in preserving them!

Kurt Krause – I am a native SE Portlander and have been an ENA Board member for 12 years. I served on various committees including: 4th of July parade, tree planting, tree inoculations and tree inventory. I am a former SE Uplift Vice President and ENA representative. Now retired, I worked for high-tech Oregon and California companies as a Human Resources executive. Other volunteer positions include: Chairman ENA/City of Portland 20’s streets/avenues Bicycle Route Committee, member City Club Affordable Housing Advocacy Report committee, and Vice President Friends of the Library, Multnomah County. I also served as the Vice President Tualatin Historical Society where I developed and found funding for marking historic Tualatin sites as well as creating a map and brochure for tour purposes.
My family and I have lived in historic houses dating from 1893 and recognize the importance of these houses to the fabric of the neighborhoods. The updating of utilities and livability were never compromised nor onerously expensive while maintaining the integrity of the house to the neighborhood. Eastmoreland presents a unique sustainability opportunity to leave a community as historically significant or better than what attracted us to it. I want to continue as a member of that team.

Peter Lamb – I have been a resident of Eastmoreland since January of 2012. My family and I absolutely love this neighborhood. My wife was raised here and now my children are getting a chance to experience the same fantastic childhood as she did. We searched long and hard for a home in this community and couldn’t be more thrilled that we are here.
Professionally, I am the Vice President of a business that provides human milk to at-risk children in NICUs and Labor and Delivery Units across the country. I have been the Head Coach for the Lake Oswego Lacrosse Team, Assistant Coach for the Central Catholic Lacrosse Team, and have loved every aspect of teaching and leadership that comes along with being a coach. I would like to be on the ENA because I believe communities are born from people taking active roles in the betterment of their neighbors. I would like to be a true participant and use my experiences to try and solve the challenges that our neighborhood faces, while bringing more people into the fold of the ENA and giving them a voice as well.

Amy Light – I’m a single mom to three kids – a 12 year old at Sellwood and 10 and 6 year olds at Duniway. I have lived in the neighborhood for nine years. We have long referred to our block as the “magic block” because there are so many kids and such an active population of all ages that it feels like a block party every day in the summer time. I was president of the Duniway After School program board for many years and ran the school carnival for the past five. I used to be a lawyer, but now work in a corporate compliance role. I am excited about building on the experience of long time volunteers on the ENA and the fresh perspective of new ones to work towards a stronger community that values everyone’s contributions and ideas. I would like to focus on building a strong neighborhood watch network because I think it will help build security and community for us at the same time.

Kristiana Nelson – I am a current ENA board member, coming up on the end of my three-year term. I am a certified American Sign Language interpreter, and a staff interpreter at Portland Community College Disability Services. My husband and I have lived in Eastmoreland for 10 years, in the same house in which he was raised. My husband’s family has deep roots in the neighborhood. His grandfather first moved here in the mid-1930s. We now have a seven year old daughter who is a fourth generation Eastmoreland resident, and the third generation in our family to attend school at Duniway. These last five years of volunteering for the neighborhood was born of my desire to cultivate a sense of place for her; something I never had growing up in a family that moved constantly (By contrast, I attended six schools in four different states by fifth grade).
I deeply appreciate that we live in a community like Eastmoreland — a safe, quiet, walkable neighborhood, with tree-lined streets, rope swings, and gardens. Communities like ours are not an accident. They are cultivated with intention through the efforts of people who understand how special it is to have a sense of place in the world. I am proud of my work as a volunteer with the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, and hope to continue in my capacity as a board member.

Andy Payne –My family and I moved to Eastmoreland in 2013 after the birth of our daughter. We love the neighborhood and thought it would be a great place to raise our children. We now have a son who was born here in Eastmoreland. My background is in electronics and information technology. One of my interests in this area is in security and automation systems. I have designed and installed a number of alarm and camera systems. I have also developed business web applications and network VPN systems. One of my hopes is to use this on the Board to help connect all of our various camera systems together to assist us in addressing the crime issues. I also have access to professional sound equipment that we can use for Board meetings to save on rental costs.